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center left at top of bas relief: .TINELLI.


Lodovico Widmann [1611-1674], Venice. Private collection, probably in Germany (as by Murillo); discovered 1922 by (August Mayer, Munich) and sold the same year to Samuel L. Fuller [1875-1963], New York (as by Tinelli);[1] gift 1946 to NGA.

Exhibition History
Baroque Portraiture in Italy: Works from North American Collections, The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota; Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, 1984-1985, no. 73, 188, repro. (cat. by John Spike).
Technical Summary

The support consists of three lengths of fabric, all of the same coarse twill-weave, sewn together with a horizontal seam 55 cm from the bottom of the painting and a vertical seam 23 cm from the left edge. The thin ground layer is red, which was allowed to remain visible throughout, especially at the bottom. The sky was painted over an off-white underlayer. The paint was applied in layers with strong evidence of brushwork and is generally thin, especially in the sky where it has the appearance of a wash. Impasto is evident only in the whites.

Losses and abrasion are scattered throughout, especially in the dark areas at the bottom. The signature, applied over already abraded paint, is not original. The varnish is moderately discolored. The painting was relined, discolored varnish was removed, and the painting was restored in 1946-1947, probably by Francis Sullivan or Stephen Pichetto.

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