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Probably commissioned by Christina, Queen of Sweden [1626-1689], Stockholm, Antwerp, and inventoried 1656 amongst her goods to be sent to Rome;[1] by inheritance to Cardinal Decio Azzolini [1623-1689], Rome; by inheritance to his nephew, Marchese Pompeo Azzolini [d. 1696], Rome; sold 1696 to Principe Livio Odescalchi, Duke Bracciano [1652-1713], Rome; by inheritance to his nephew, Baldassare Odescalchi-Erba [d. 1746]; sold 1721 through Pierre Crozat [1665-1740] to Philippe II, duc d'Orléans [1674-1723], Paris; by inheritance to his son, Louis, duc d'Orléans [1703-1752], Paris; by inheritance to his son, Louis Philippe, duc d'Orléans [1725-1785], Paris; by inheritance to his son, Louis Philippe Joseph, duc d'Orléans [1747-1793], Paris; sold 1791 with the French and Italian paintings of the Orléans collection, which figure as a group in the next three sales, to Edouard, vicomte Walkuers [or Walquers], Brussels; sold 1792 to his cousin, François Louis Joseph, comte Laborde de Méréville [d. 1801], Paris and London; on consignment until 1798 with (Jeremiah Harman, London); sold 1798 through (Michael Bryan, London) to a consortium of Francis Egerton, 3rd duke of Bridgewater [1736-1803], London and Worsley Hall, Lancashire, Frederick Howard, 5th earl of Carlisle [1748-1825], Castle Howard, North Yorkshire, and George Granville Leveson-Gower, 1st duke of Sutherland [1758-1833], London, Trentham Hall, Stafford, and Dunrobin Castle, Highland, Scotland.[2] (Orléans Collection sale [French and Italian paintings], Coxe, Burrell and Foster, London, 14 February 1800, no. 11, as The Portrait of the Queen of Sweden). John Maitland [d. 1831], London, Loughton Hall, Essex, and Woodford Hall, Essex; (his estate sale, Christie & Manson, London, 30 July 1831, no. 14, as Portrait of Christina, Queen of Sweden); Joseph Neeld [d. 1856], Grittleton House, Wiltshire; by inheritance to his brother, Sir John Neeld, 1st bt. [1805-1891], Grittleton House; by inheritance to his son, Sir Algernon William Neeld, 2nd bt. [1846-1900], Grittleton House; by inheritance to his brother, Sir Audley Dallas Neeld, 3rd bt. [1849-1941], Grittleton House; by inheritance to Joseph Neeld's descendant through an illegitimate daughter, Lionel William [Inigo-Jones] Neeld [d. 1956], Grittleton House; (Neeld sale, Christie, Manson & Woods, London, 13 July 1945, no. 52, as Portrait of Christina of Sweden); purchased by Kaye.[3] (Wildenstein & Co., Paris, New York, and London); sold 1947 to the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, New York;[4] gift 1952 to NGA.

Associated Names

Azzolini, Decio, Cardinal
Azzolini, Pompeo, Marchese
Bryan, Michael
Christie, Manson & Woods, Ltd.
Christie, Manson & Woods, Ltd.
Christina of Sweden, Queen
Coxe, Burrell, and Foster
Crozat the Younger, Pierre
Egerton, 3rd Duke of Bridgewater, Francis
Harman, Jeremiah
Howard, 5th earl of Carlisle, Frederick
Kress Foundation, Samuel H.
Laborde de Méréville, François-Louis-Joseph, comte
Leveson-Gower, George Granville, 2nd marquess of Stafford
Maitland, John
Neeld, 1st Bt., John, Sir
Neeld, 2nd Bt., Algernon William, Sir
Neeld, 3rd Bt., Audley Dallas, Sir
Neeld, Joseph
Neeld, Lionel William
Odescalchi, Duke Bracciano, Livio, Principe
Odescalchi-Erba, Baldassare
Orléans, Louis, duc d'
Orléans, Louis-Philippe, duc d'
Orléans, Louis-Philippe-Joseph, duc d'
Orléans, Philippe II, duc d'
Walkuers, Édouard, vicomte de
Wildenstein & Co., Inc.

Exhibition History

A Catalogue of the Orleans' Italian Pictures, The Lyceum in the Strand, London, 1798-1799, no. 257, as Portrait of Queen Christina.
Sébastien Bourdon: 1616-1671, Pavillon du Musée Fabre, Montpellier; Galerie de l'Ancienne Douane, Strasbourg, 2000-2001, no. 153, repro.
The Orléans Collection, New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, 2018-2019.


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