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Probably Édouard Kahn, Paris; (his sale, Hôtel Drouot, Paris, 8 June 1895, no. 2); (Goldschmidt).[1] Sigismond Bardac [1856-1919], Paris; (sale, Paris, 1910). (E. Gimpel & Wildenstein, Paris), by 1924;[2] sold 1925 to Baron Maurice de Rothschild [1881-1957], Paris. Arthur Sachs [1880-1975], New York and Cannes, by 1928;[3] gift 1954 to NGA.

Exhibition History

Exposition d'art ancien espagnol, Hôtel J. Charpentier, Paris, 1925, no. 41, repro.
Exhibition of Spanish Paintings from El Greco to Goya, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 1928, no. 6, fig. 6.
A Century of Progress Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture, The Art Institute of Chicago, 1933, no. 162.
Obras Maestras de la National Gallery of Art de Washington, Museo Nacional de Antropología, Mexico City, 1996-1997, unnumbered catalogue, 88-89, color repro.

Technical Summary

The picture is on a fabric of tight and regular weave and adhered to a fine lining material. All tacking edges have been removed. The ground consists of a rough layer of reddish brown particles over which rich oil paint has been applied with brush and palette knife. An examination of the pigments by x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy did not reveal the use of any pigments unavailable to Goya, although chrome yellow, which is present, was only introduced in the early 1800s.[1] The paint and ground layers present evidence of a history of poor adhesion. Flake losses have occurred in the thick, knife-applied layers and at cracks near the outer extremities of the picture. There are fills and retouches applied to many of the flake losses. The surface coating is somewhat dull.

[1] Identified by optical microscopy.


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