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Possibly Ca' Zenobio, Venice, by 1732[1] until at least 1817 or 1844.[2] Villa Grimani-Vendramin Calergi, Noventa Padovana until 1905 or 1909.[3] (Count Dino Barozzi, Venice). C. Ledyard Blair [d. 1950], Peapack-Gladstone, New Jersey, by 1909.[4] Maisie Dreicer Whyte de Kerchove [1889-1976, née Shainwald, from 1908-1921 Mrs. Michael Dreicer, from 1923 Mrs. Jardine Bell Whyte, from 1935 Baroness de Kerchove]; sold or consigned 24 February 1948 to (French and Co., New York); sold 7 December 1949 to the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, New York;[5] gift 1961 to NGA.

Exhibition History

The Samuel H. Kress Collection, Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1950-1953, no. 25 (cat. by William Suida in Philadelphia Museum Bulletin 46/277, 1950).
Exhibition of Art Treasures for America from the Samuel H. Kress Collection, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., 1961-1962, no. 93A, as A Scene from Roman History.

Technical Summary

The support consists of four lengths of a medium-weight, plain-weave fabric joined with three vertical seams. There are two ground layers: a warm ocher-colored layer over a white layer. The upper ground layer is visible between some contour boundaries and in the helmet in the left foreground. The entire painting was executed simultaneously, although the wooden staffs were apparently added last. The paint was applied in a creamy consistency that retained the fluid brushstrokes without producing high impasto. A wide range of opaque to glazed paints was employed. Thin brown lines were added over the paint to emphasize contours. Small adjustments in contours and overlapping forms appear as pentimenti in normal light and as brushstrokes under the thin surface paint in raking light. No major changes are evident. Infrared reflectography reveals no underdrawing; however, several lines were drawn in a dry medium on a dry underlayer to position the flagpole at the right side.

Cusping is visible on both sides and the bottom, and is presumed to be present along the top edge. There are numerous small tears throughout the upper section, with a horizontal tear of 53 cm and a vertical tear of 77 cm at the right edge. The impasto is slightly moated. The extensive inpainting in the sky has whitened. The varnish is moderately discolored. The painting was relined, discolored varnish was removed, and the painting was restored by Mario Modestini in 1950-1951.


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