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lower center, in plate, in image, engraved series title: PATIENTIÆ TRIVMPHUS / ELEGANTISSIMIS IMAGINIBUS EXPRESSUS. (The triump of Patience / Portrayed in most elegant images.); lower left, in plate, in image: MHeemskerck inventor. (MH interlaced); lower right, in plate, in image: Ioan Galle excud.; in upper zone, names of personifications engraved in plate: SPES, DESIDERIUM, PATIENTIA, and FORTUNA (Hope, Desire, Patience, and Fortune); lower right, in plate, numbered in image: 1; below image, in plate: Ac velut angustas rosa candida pullulat inter / Spinas, nec premitur: fiorent & lilia Vere: / Sic iam magnifico vehitur PATIENTIA curru, / Cui FORTVNA potens, fractis concessit honorem / Viribus, & vinclis sequitur constricta, pudore: / Hunc SPES alma trahit, volucri STVDIO comitata. (And just as a white rose burgeons among the dense thickets of thorns and is not shouldered aside by them, and as the lilies bloom in the spring, so Patience now rides forth on a splendid car. Mighty Fortune, whose powers are not broken, has had to yield honor to her and follows, shamed, in chains. Sweet Hope draws the car, accompanied by winged Desire. [translation from Veldman, Ilja. "Dirck Volkertsz. Coornhert and Heemskerck's allegories." In Maarten van Heemskerck and Dutch humanism in the sixteenth century, p.62. Maarssen: Gary Schwartz, 1977.]); lower left, in graphite by a later hand: Maarten van Heemskerck. 8 plates. Hollstein, VIII, nos. 120-127 II, p.240 also Hollstein, IV, nos 151-158, p.230; lower left, in graphite by a later hand: W53418 / DKM

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(Craddock and Barnard, London); purchased by NGA, 1974.

Associated Names
Craddock and Barnard
Hollstein, F.W.H. et al. German engravings, etchings and woodcuts ca. 1400-1700. 8 vols. Amsterdam: Menno Hertzberger, 1954-1868. Dutch and Flemish etchings, engravings and woodcuts, ca. 1450-1700. Vols. I-XV, XVIII, XIX. Amsterdam: Menno Hertzberger, [1949], no. 151, State ii/ii.
The New Hollstein Dutch & Flemish Etchings, Engravings and Woodcuts, 1450-1700. Maarten van Heemskerck. Parts I and II. Compiled by Ilja M. Veldman and edited by Ger Luijten. Roosendaal: Koninklijke van Poll, 1993.
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