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upper left: Frank W. Benson / '89


The artist and his wife, Ellen Perry Peirson Benson, to 1951; Ellen Perry Peirson Benson [1860-1954], Salem, Massachusetts; her estate, 1954-1956; her daughter, Elisabeth Benson Rogers [Mrs. C.M.A. Rogers], Alabama, by 1956 or before; her sister, Sylvia Benson Lawson [Mrs. Ralph Lawson], Salem, Massachusetts, by 1976; bequest 1977 to NGA.

Exhibition History
Exhibition of Pictures by Frank W. Benson and Edmund C. Tarbell, Chase's Gallery, Boston, 1891, no. 7.
World Columbian Exposition, Department of Fine Arts, Chicago, 1893, no. 561.
Exhibition of Paintings by Frank W. Benson, St. Botolph Club, Boston, 1900, no. 20.
An Exhibition of Portraits, The Union League Club, New York, 1904, no. 4.
Paintings, Prints, and Drawings by Frank W. Benson, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., 1921, no. 38, as Portrait of My Wife.
Frank W. Benson, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, 1924, no. 26, as Portrait of My Wife.
Paintings, Watercolors and Etchings by Frank W. Benson, Akron Art Institute, Ohio, 1924, no. 18, repro.
Frank W. Benson & Edmund C. Tarbell: Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings and Prints, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 1938, no. 45.
One Hundred and Twenty-seventh Annual Exhibition, National Academy of Design, New York, 1952, no. 3.
Frank W. Benson Retrospective Exhibition, Essex Institute, Salem, Massachusetts, 1956, no. 5.
Frank W. Benson 1862-1951: Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings and Prints, Farnsworth Library and Art Museum, Rockland, Maine, 1973, no cat.
Extended loan for use by Ambassador Raymond G. H. Seitz, U.S. Embassy residence, London, England, 1992-1994.
Technical Summary

The support is a very fine twill fabric \rthat has been lined, but the original tacking margins are \rpresent. A white ground was unevenly applied over the \rfinely woven support. After the figure was sketched in, the \rbackground was covered with dark green paint of a \rpastelike consistency. The sitter's body and dress were \rblocked in with white, and the flesh areas with a yellow-tan. Following this, the flesh areas were painted over with smooth applications of cool pink, leaving the darker tan underlayer exposed to model the forms. The details of the dress were built up thickly with ridges of impasto defining the stripes along the sleeves. Overall, the painting was executed decisively, with bold brushwork and very few changes in the composition. Examination by x-radiography reveals that the only compositional change made to the work involved the figure's right eye. The paint and ground layers are secure, although areas of craquelure are found throughout the thickly painted face, hands, and dress. One large hole, located in the middle of the woman's left side, and several old losses are also present. The varnish has grayed slightly.

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