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by Parmigianino?, at lower left in brown ink (on the cross-section of the sculpture): p[er] ch[é] dann'amore facto o mai/sì certo qual manifesta c[os]/tanza né può senza/tentar; at lower right: san[?] pena [several words crossed out]/cori parole scolto diSscer eo; at bottom right in another hand: Angelo


Mrs. E. E. James (sale, Sotheby's, London, 16 May 1962, no. 161, as B. Bandinelli); bought by Williams; (Hans Calmann, London, by 1965); David Daniels, New York, 1965 (sale, Sotheby's, London, 25 April 1978, no. 16, as Anonymous Florentine, 16th Century); NGA purchase via David Tunick, New York, 1978.

Exhibition History
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