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upper center in black ink: Multa sagax vulpes, unum tamen hirtus Echinus / Novit, qua mundi parte flet aura vaga. (“The wise fox has discerned many things, the rough hedgehog just one: on which side of the world the vagrant wind blows.”) (trans. Bass 2019, 207); upper center in (gold?): EX SCABRO IN LEVE[M] NV[M]QVA[M] VERTETVR ECHINUS. (“The rough hedgehog will never be made smooth.” Erasmus, _Adages_, 2.9.59) (trans. Bass 2019, 207); right center in black ink: XXXXVIII.; on plaque tied to tree branch on right in red ink: VIS NVLLA SED ERROR (“No strength is anything but an error.”) (trans. Bass 2019, 207); on branch under hedgehog in (gold?): MEA ME IN VIRTUTE INVOLVO (“I wrap myself in my virtue.” Horace, _Odes/Carmina_, 3.29.54-55) (trans. Bass 2019, 265); animals in image numbered .1. and .2., in red ink; lower center in red ink: ARS VARIA VVLPI, AST VNA ECHINO MAXIMA. (“The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog one big thing.” Erasmus, _Adages_, 1.5.18) (trans. Bass 2019, 207)
Facing page: upper center in green/blue ink: Insidias cum forte strui presentit Echinus / Mox sua se spinis clausus in arma globat: / Involuit virtute sua se quisq[ue], tueri / Qui contra sortis se mala mille studet. A: Steckelius: Can[ebat]. (Stockelius?) (“When the hedgehog perceives snares devised by the mighty, / He soon curls himself up, closed within the defenses of his spines. / Whoever wraps himself in his own virtue / Applies himself to guarding against a thousand evils of fortune.”) (trans. Bass 2019, 208); middle center in black ink: Corporibus rigidis mira est prudentia parvis, / Vndiq[ue] diripiunt fructus hyemique reponunt. / Pomorum super hi cumulos se saepe volutant, / Inde domum redeunt onerati tergora pomis.; lower center in brown ink: Spargite humum foliis, inducite fontibus umbras / Pastores: mandat fieri sibi talia, Christus.


Emperor Rudolph of Austria; Lessing J. Rosenwald, Alverthorpe, PA; gift to NGA, 1987.

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