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lower left to lower center below image in graphite: Préambule II. "Sachverhalt" (the state of things); lower left below plate mark in graphite: Oeuvre 6 Un Gant no. II.; upper right above image in plate: II.


Carus Gallery, New York; private collection; gift to NGA, 1995.

Exhibition History
The Darker Side of Light: Arts of Privacy, 1850-1900, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; NGA; Smart Museum of Art, Chicago, 2009 - 2010
Singer, Hans Wolfgang. Max Klingers Radierungen, Stiche und Steindrucke. Berlin, 1909 (republished 1978 by Martin Gordon, New York).
Varnedoe, J. Kirk T. with Elizabeth Streicher. Graphic Works of Max Klinger. New York, 1977: 80-81 (Postscript to A Glove).
Carey, Frances and Antony Griffiths. The Print in Germany 1880-1933: The Age of Expressionism. London and New York, 1984: 44.