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Joan Miró

Joan Miró, The Farm, 1921-1922

Joan Miró, The Farm, 1921-1922, oil on canvas, Gift of Mary Hemingway, 1987.18.1

Joan Miró grew up in Spain, a country in Europe, in a region called Catalonia. As an adult, he moved far away, but every summer he returned to his family’s village to visit. Miró made this painting of his family’s farm, which he loved very much. Miró painted parts of the landscape surrounding the farm in many of his artworks.


Look for different shapes—circles, squares, triangles.

Draw an imaginary line dividing the painting into two parts. What is on either side of your line?

List all the different animals you can find.

Do you think this is a real place or an imaginary place? Why?

Imagine you could visit this farm. Which part of it would you explore first?

What would you ask the artist about this work?



A New Home (Spanish language version: Un Nuevo Hogar)

by Tania de Regil

A boy moving from New York to Mexico City and a girl moving from Mexico City to New York express their fears about leaving home to live in a new and unfamiliar place.


Miró’s Magic Animals

by Antony Penrose

Tony is a boy whose parents are artists, and Tony is fascinated by his parents' friend, Miró. Tony explores the art that Miró made, with a special interest in the animals in his paintings.

MAKE: Create a collage

You will need:

  • Paper
  • Your favorite drawing supplies

Before you begin, close your eyes and imagine that you’re visiting your favorite place: the beach, the library, a relative’s house, or somewhere else that is special to you. What is it like there? What do you do there? List the things—both big and small—you might include in a drawing of this place.

When you’re ready to draw, fold the paper in half, and then in half again. Open it out flat. Notice how the creases divide the paper into four sections. As you draw, try to remember your special memories of this place. Do any new details come to mind? Put different memories of the place in each of the four sections. 


  • crease
  • landscape
  • relative

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Miró on the Farm lesson plan

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