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At this time group tours are temporarily unavailable. Please explore our self-guided tour options for your group. Learn more about the National Gallery’s response to COVID-19.

Group tours are free and available for groups of 15 or more people. Each tour lasts approximately one hour and is geared toward an adult audience. Please submit this form at least four weeks in advance but no more than two months in advance. Submitting a form does not guarantee a reservation. If you have fewer than 15 people in your group, please consider participating in our daily public tours.

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Tour Descriptions

West Building Highlights: Early Italian to Early Modern

The West Building features/displays European and American art form the 13th to the early 20th century.  This tour explores some of the most iconic works, including Leonardo’s Ginevra de’Benci.

  • French:  Oeuvres majeures du bâtiment ouest : de l'art italien du Moyen-Âge au début de l'ère moderne
  • German: Höhepunkte im West Building: Frühe italienische bis frühe Moderne Kunst
  • Italian: Capolavori dell’edificio occidentale: dal Medioevo italiano alla prima età moderna
  • Spanish: Obras destacadas del Edificio Oeste: arte italiano temprano a arte moderno temprano
  • Russian: Основные экспонаты Западного крыла: от раннего итальянского Возрождения до раннего Модерна
  • Japanese: 西館のハイライト:初期イタリアから近代初期美術へ
  • Mandarin: 西馆精品:早期意大利到早期现代艺术

East Building Highlights: 1900 to Now

An Introduction to the East Building collection, this tour explores a wide range of works from the turn of the twentieth century to the present day.

  • French: Oeuvres majeures du bâtiment est : de 1900 à nos jours
  • German: Höhepunkte im East Building: 1900 bis zur Gegenwart
  • Italian: Capolavori dell’edificio orientale: dal 1900 ai giorni nostri
  • Spanish: Obras destacadas del Edificio Este: del 1900 a la actualidad
  • Russian: Основные экспонаты Восточного крыла: искусство с 1900 года по настоящее время
  • Japanese: 東館のハイライト:1900年から現在まで

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