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Possibly William Wethered [d. 1863], King's Lynn, Norfolk, and, by 1849, London.[1] John Chapman [1810-1877], Hill End, Cheshire, and Carlecotes, Yorkshire, by 1852;[2] by descent to his son, Edward Chapman [1839-1906]. (Arthur J. Sulley & Co.), London, in joint ownership with (Thos. Agnew & Co.), London; purchased 1912 from (Arthur J. Sulley & Co.), New York, by Watson B. Dickerman [1846-1923]; passed to his wife, Florence E. Dickerman, New York; gift to NGA, 1951.

Exhibition History
Royal Academy of Arts, London, 1839, no. 360, with Ovid's Metam. (appended to the title).
Art Treasures of the United Kingdom: Paintings by Modern Masters, Art Treasures Palace, Manchester, 1857, no. 191, as Pluto Carrying Away Prosperine.
Royal Jubilee Exhibition, Fine Arts Galleries, Manchester, 1887, no. 609.
Loan Collection of Pictures, Corporation of London Art Gallery, Guildhall, 1892, no. 112.
Works by the Old Masters, and by Deceased Masters of the British School. Winter Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London, 1896, no. 28.
Pictures and Drawings by J.M.W. Turner, R.A., and a Selection of Pictures by Some of His Conemporaries, Corporation of London Art Gallery, Guildhall, 1899, no. 35.
Paintings Lent by George John Chapman, Esq. and the Executors of the Late Edward Chapman, Esq., City of Manchester Art Gallery, 1908, no. 020.
Paintings by Thomas Gainsborough, R.A. and J.M.W. Turner, R.A., M. Knoedler & Co., Inc., New York, 1914, no. 37.
Technical Summary

The medium-weight canvas is very tightly plain woven; it has been lined. Because of the thickness of the paint it has not been possible to determine the color or composition of the ground. The painting is executed very freely and fluidly in a low to medium impasto, with thinner glazes and scumbles in a few areas of the sky. Some diagonal scraping in the underpaint before it had completely dried to create an atmospheric effect, and some palette- knife type application have also been used in parts of the sky. There is a disfiguring craquelure in the dark layer of underpaint in the foreground and middle ground, probably caused by bitumen. The paint layer has been somewhat flattened during lining. There is retouching along all the edges and in the craquelure, but there are no major paint losses and there is no severe abrasion. The thick, extremely uneven layer of natural resin varnish has discolored yellow to a significant degree.

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