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Conservation Resources


Research helps us understand the physical components in materials used by artists and plays an important role in the conservation of works of art.

Learn how the Gallery cares for artwork so that you and generations of visitors in the future can view these wonderful treasures.

Find useful links to other sites of academic excellence related to conservation, as well as commonly asked questions about the work that conservators perform to care for the nation’s collection.

Contact the conservation division for more information.

Art Materials Research and Study Center

The Art Materials Research and Study Center was established as a permanent home for artists' materials, technical information, and trade literature. Explore the fascinating relationship between the products sold to artists and how they used them.

Paper Sample Collection

Take a closer look at the Paper Sample Collection. With more than 2,600 booklets, bound volumes, and individual sheets of paper from over 160 companies, the collection is a window into the history and development of artists' papers.

Matting and Framing

Specialists in matting and framing construct housings that minimize damage to prints, drawings, photographs, and books. Learn more about this department's role in preparing works for storage and for exhibition.

Caring for Your Collection

For resources and more information about preserving works of art in the home environment, visit Caring for Your Collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our conservation staff's answers to the questions asked most often by members of the public in Frequently Asked Questions.

Fellowship Opportunities

Visit Fellowship Opportunities to learn about the fellowship recruitment and selection process.