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Family Guides (Ages 6 and up)

Open up the secrets and stories of the museum’s collections by using these booklets online or at the Gallery. If you plan a visit, either print the guides in advance or ask for them at any Information Desk. Bring colored pencils and/or crayons to use with these guides.


American Art
Use this guide to explore American folk art, portraiture, and landscape paintings by finding their style types, writing letters about them, and talking together about your favorites. Don’t miss the famous Watson and the Shark or the folk art animal “portrait,” Peaceable Kingdom. (PDF 427k)


Dutch Art
Uncover the hidden forms of “pronk” (luxury) in portraits, surprising foods in still life paintings (“stilleven”), and the endless ways Dutch artists portrayed their flat landscape (“landschappen”) in this guide to the Gallery’s 17th-century Dutch art collection. Coloring-in welcome! (PDF 300k)


French Art
Travel the French countryside with en plein air ("in the open air") painters, brave the crowded modern streets of Paris, and retreat into the dreamy worlds of the postimpressionists with this guide to the Gallery's 19th-century French art collection. (PDF 633k)


Italian Art
Find details that form narrative paintings, draw your own renaissance self-portrait, and select qualities in Italian art that separate the humble from the divine in this family companion to the Gallery’s famed collection of Italian art. (PDF 633k)