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Advanced Art History Workshop: The Figure in Art

image: Advanced Art History Workshops: The Figure in Art

Advanced Art History Workshops: The Figure in Art (PDF 1.8MB)

This program invites participants to observe and critically analyze original works of art. Focusing on depth over breadth, students will investigate subject matter, technique, and patronage throughout the ages to understand how cultural context affects the form, style, and meaning of objects. The workshop will focus on the development of the figure in European and American painting from the late Byzantine period to the early twentieth century. Working in the galleries with museum educators, students will hone their skills in careful observation, interpretation, and essay writing through a variety of guided activities. This program is adaptable for all students of art history, including students enrolled in Advanced Placement Art History or International Baccalaureate programs.

Teachers may register in advance for dates in October – December and March – May.

Register for Advanced Art History Workshop
A minimum of 15 participants is required to reserve a date; up to 20 students may participate in a single workshop.