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Modern Art

Explore the artistic movements of the late 20th century, including pop art, conceptualism, neo-expressionism, and post-modernism, and develop studio projects for your students.

What Is Art?

Grade Level: 9–12

Students will discuss opinions on criteria for what makes a work of art and then debate whether Andy Warhol’s Brillo Boxes can be considered art. Then, students will use everyday objects from their homes as the basis for a new work of art.


Grade Level: 9–12

Students will examine works of art that involve appropriated images and then create their own works of art appropriating text, music, or images of their choice. Students will follow up with a discussion of how appropriation can become an issue in determining the authenticity of a work.  

Coming to Terms with the Past

Grade Level: 9–12

Students will examine the work of German artist Anselm Kiefer and discuss how art might be a means of understanding and coming to terms with history. Students will follow in Kiefer’s practice by creating their own works of art that address events from American history.

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