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Exploring Identity through Modern Art

Grades 6 through 12

The National Gallery of Art will offer a selection of in-person and virtual tours (using Zoom) for fall 2022.

Requests for all tours (October 3 – December 2) will be accepted from August 1 – November 4, 2022

In what ways do artists draw on memories and experiences to create art that reflects their identities? How does an artist’s connection to place spark inspiration? Through guided looking, sketching, and writing activities, students will consider how artists explore identity through their art.

Looking and Learning Skills

During four or five tour stops, students engage in activities that foster conversations  around works of art, such as careful looking and creative writing exercises. These activities promote the following skills:

• Making careful observations using evidence from the works of art.
• Formulating questions and connections that demonstrate curiosity and engagement.
• Exploring multiple viewpoints within the student group.
• Using one’s own perspective to contribute to the discussion.
• Developing and articulating new ideas about modern art and identity.

In-Person Tour Information

Group Size: Up to 90 students
Length: 75 minutes
Meeting Location: East Building Atrium

Virtual Tour Information

Length: 75 minutes

Examples of Works Featured on Tour

"The Farm (La masía)," 1921–1922, by Joan Miró

Download poster (PDF 882KB)

This bilingual poster of The Farm by Spanish artist Joan Miró is designed to be a primary source for you to display and use in your classroom. We hope that this poster will generate rich conversations, probing questions, and great ideas among your students, which you will be able to support and develop using the information and activities provided. The poster also offers opportunities to develop content knowledge about a Spanish modern artist, his artistic process, and the idea of identity expressed through art.

Create a work of art inspired by your personal description and The Farm. Download the writing and grid template (PDF 46KB).

Learn more about how the poster links to Common Core State Standards (PDF 77KB).

Tours must be scheduled at least four weeks in advance. Groups must contain at least 15 students.

Once your tour has been scheduled, you will receive an email confirmation in 10 business days.

Watch a video (grades 1-4) or download a presentation (grades 4-12) (PPT, 4MB) to show your students what to expect on their tour. Please review museum policies, location, parking, accessibility, security, lunch options, and other important visitor information.

Our tour scheduler is available to answer questions on Monday through Wednesday between 2:30 and 4:30 p.m. (September through May). Please contact her at (202) 842-6249 [email protected].

Also see our Frequently Asked Questions about School Tours.

We greatly value your feedback about your school tour experience. Please submit this form to share your feedback.