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Grades 6 through 12

American Connections

Students will consider works of art as primary sources that illuminate American history and culture, looking carefully at and exploring landscapes, portraits, and scenes of everyday life. The tour includes three to four stops, during which students will actively engage with work of art through discussion, creative writing, and sketching. This tour can be tailored to connect with different periods in American history.

Every Picture Tells a Story

Paintings are more than just pictures in a frame—they are unfolding stories with multiple perspectives. During this tour, students will learn to "read" works of art by identifying characters, setting, and plot, and by creating dialogue.

Exploring Identity through Modern Art

In what ways do artists draw on memories and experiences to create art that reflects their identities? How does an artist’s connection to place spark inspiration? Through guided looking, sketching, and writing activities, students will consider how artists explore identity through their art.