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Grades 6–8

American Art

How does art send messages about a nation and its identity? In this tour, students explore the historical and cultural connections in works of American art.

Every Picture Tells a Story

Paintings are more than just pictures in a frame—they are unfolding stories with multiple perspectives. In this tour, students will learn to "read" works of art by identifying characters, setting, and plot, and by creating dialogue.

Sculpture and Sketching

This tour introduces participants to a variety of sculptures—from figurative bronzes and marble carvings to objects that engage the viewers as they move around them. Students investigate materials and techniques, as well as the subjects and purpose of the works.

French Art

This tour gives students a taste of French art and explores a variety of themes including artistic styles, portraits of historical figures, scenes from everyday life, and images of patronage and power.


Which significant episode or moment in a mythological story did an artist choose to depict, and why? This tour unravels Greek and Roman myths, which artists through the ages have depicted with great drama and imagination.

Perspective Taking through Art

Art can be a powerful tool for cultivating empathy, respect, and self-awareness. On this tour, students will experience two or three works of art from different perspectives using creative writing, visual notetaking, and movement techniques.

Renaissance Art

Students will explore such artistic developments as perspective and the naturalistic representation of the human figure, and how these stylistic changes were influenced by scientific discovery and the rise of humanism.

Sculpture and Sketching

From figurative bronzes and marble carvings to objects that challenged conventional ideas about sculpture, students investigate materials and techniques as well as the works' subjects and functions.