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New World Archaeology


This DVD includes two programs—on the ancient Olmec and Maya—including live footage of major archaeological sites in Mesoamerica.

The New World Archaeology DVD compilation includes the following titles:

  • Olmec Art of Ancient Mexico
    Olmec objects, powerful and dynamic, were created in Mexico and Central America three thousand years ago, long before the great Maya, Teotihuacan, and Aztec civilizations. This film focuses on the twentieth-century discovery of Olmec art. Archival shots and new site footage present these objects in their archaeological context at major Olmec sites in Mexico.
    23 minutes
  • Courtly Art of the Ancient Maya
    This film presents the culture and society that created the most advanced civilization of ancient Mesoamerica. Filmed in the state of Chiapas in southern Mexico, the program focuses on the courts of the Maya kingdoms of Palenque, Toniná, and Bonampak.
    30 minutes

All programs are closed captioned.

New World Archaeology (DVD compilation)

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