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Jess Cherry, artist, and education assistant with Art Around the Corner, department of gallery and studio learning, National Gallery of Art; Bryan Funk, artist, and adjunct professor, UDC; Maren Henson, artist, and adjunct professor, George Washington University and Anne Arundel Community College; Giulia Piera Livi, artist, and adjunct professor, Maryland Institute of Contemporary Art, and manager, C. Grimaldis Gallery; and Edward Victor Sanchez, artist, and adjunct professor, University of Cincinnati COMPACT ASSEMBLY is an ongoing project showcasing a range of artistic practices from a completely multidisciplinary perspective. This international collective was formed in the city of Baltimore in 2017 and, through time, has evolved to better support and celebrate the work of such a diverse crowd. As part of the Works in Progress series held on November 18, 2019, artists representing the collective reunite to discuss their project goals and the ways in which COMPACT ASSEMBLY breaks away from individual tendencies and seeks to maintain an environment of integration and community engagement.