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Andrea del Verrocchio: Sculptor and Painter of Renaissance Florence

Andrea del Verrocchio (c. 1435–1488) was one of the great artists of the Italian Renaissance.  His works in bronze and marble rival ancient sculptures in their naturalism, expressiveness, and sophisticated design. As a true “Renaissance man,” he was also a gifted painter and draftsman whose innovations deeply influenced the young artists of his busy workshop, including his prize pupil, Leonardo da Vinci. This film tells the story of Verrocchio’s career as a favored sculptor of the Medici, the most powerful family of Renaissance Florence, and explores his collaborations with Leonardo. It includes new footage of the original settings for his works — the beautiful churches, palaces, and public spaces of Florence, Pistoia, and Venice.

Support for the film was provided by the Embassy of Italy in Washington, DC.

The film was also made possible by the HRH Foundation.