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Jacqueline Pollauf, harp
Lamentations, Prayers, and Meditations in Contemporary Art and Music

October 25 at 12:10
East Building Library

Fourth Friday Sound Sketch

This program of 20th-century works for the harp is inspired by three 20th-century American works of art in the Gallery’s collection, which are not currently on view: Benton Spruance’s Lamentation, Albert Urban’s Prayer, and Felrath Hines’s Meditation. Harpist Jacqueline Pollauf performs Hindemith’s well-known Sonata for Harp, The Crown of Ariadne by Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer, and the world premiere of Harper’s Ferry, created for Pollauf by Scottish composer Nicky Hind. The program concludes with Israeli composer Sergiu Natra’s Prayer, a work of great longing.

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