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NGA Online Editions

NGA Online Editions (œ) presents the most current, in-depth information on the Gallery’s collections by the world’s leading art historians along with rich capabilities for exploring that information. A customized reading environment and toolkit for managing text and images are intended both to provide scholars with a useful workspace for research and to encourage the study and appreciation of art.


  • Peer-Reviewed Content: entries reviewed by leading scholars in their fields to ensure that NGA Online Editions provides the solid, authoritative information for which the National Gallery of Art collection catalogs are celebrated
  • Reader Mode: adjustable columns allow users to configure and reconfigure the reading environment for each scholarly entry, with enhanced access to primary and comparative images, technical images, and notes
  • Compare and Explore Images: view primary and comparative images side-by-side; explore technical images using overlay and cross-fading techniques
  • Enhanced Search: indexed terms and concepts drawn from entries, biographies, and essays allow for enhanced research possibilities
  • Citations: cite the text using preformatted citations with assurances that a permanent URL will always return the user to the information cited
  • Print/Export: print or download an entry, a biography, or an entire edition in PDF form for later use
  • Favorites: save images and entries in user-managed lists for later recall or export
  • Archived Versions: consult, search, or print in whole or part the current or earlier versions of each edition