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Classroom Interactive Activities

The three Flash "Classroom" interactives below are no longer available online. Please let us know if you need them in an offline format for your classroom.

In the past these interactives were used conjunction with specific lessons found in the Lessons and Activities section of our website. For best results and for additional background information, you may wish to visit the Counting on Art and the Greco-Roman Origin Myths. lessons. These lessons meet National Art Education Association (NAEA) Visual Arts curriculum standards.

If you are looking for classroom activities to be used in conjunction with NGAkids interactives, there are a number of related lessons there, as well. For example, NGAkids Jungle works nicely with the Rousseau lesson, Faces and Places is related to the 19th-century American lessons in Art&, Cubits could augment the LeWitt section of Counting on Art, etc. The programs are available for download and on CD-ROM.

If you have developed educational activities related to NGAkids interactives, please get in touch. We're always looking for interesting ideas to share with parents and teachers who visit our site. 

Ancient Arcade


Classroom interactive: Greco-Roman mythology

Cake Maker


Classroom interactive: Counting on Art (Thiebaud)

Mobile Maker


Classroom interactive: Counting on Art (Calder)

NGAkids for iPad

NGAkids for iPad
Learn more about NGAkids Art Zone for iPad, which is available for download on the App Store. This iOS app contains nine new interactive activities and an array of art-making tools that will inspire artists of all ages. The same interactive programs, customized for Macintosh and Windows-based computers, are available on our new NGAkids App CD, or you can use  the links above to download a desktop version for Mac or PC. 


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