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The Return of an Adventurer preceded by Afrique sur Seine and Samba le grand

February 18 at 7:00 p.m.
Embassy of France

Introduced by Aboubakar Sanogo

The pre-independence Afrique sur Seine explores the lives of Africans living in Paris, its poetic voiceover evoking the many uncertainties about identity that plagued students in a colonialist era. (Paulin Soumanou Vieyra and Mamadou Sarr, 1955, subtitles, 21 minutes)
    Samba le grand’s colorful stop-motion puppets relate an African folktale about a would-be conqueror who meets his match in a female potentate. (Moustapha Alassane, 1977, subtitles, 14 minutes)
    A pioneer of the cinema of Niger, Alassane was known for playful satire and piercing observations on contemporary African life. In The Return of an Adventurer, a man coming back to his home village from America bears gifts of cowboy outfits for his friends. A mock-ruthless Western movie ensues, scorning contemporary values and consumerism and poking fun at the filmmaker’s own postcolonial peers. (Moustapha Alassane, 1966, subtitles, 34 minutes)

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production still from Afrique sur Seine

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