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upper left: 1529 / .NK. (in monogram); reverse, a resinous seal bearing a coat-of-arms


Madame de L. de L., Paris; (her sale, Théodore Fischer, Lucerne [with A. Mak, Amsterdam], 27 July 1926, no. 139, as Nicolas Kirberger).[1] Otto B. Schuster, Amsterdam; (sale, Sotheby's, London, 15 July 1931, no. 109, as Master N.K.); Means. Mrs. Jacob H. Schiff; (her sale, American Art Association-Anderson Galleries, New York, 7-9 December 1933, no. 77, as Hans Kirberger [?], bought in [?]).[2] (Dr. Siegfried F. Aram, New York);[3] sold to Mrs. Ralph Harman Booth [Mary Batterman Booth, d. 1951], Grosse Pointe, Michigan, by 1938; gift 1947 to NGA.

Exhibition History
Masterpieces of Art. European Paintings and Sculpture from 1300-1800, New York World's Fair, 1939, no. 207.
Technical Summary

The panel is composed of three boards with vertically oriented grain. The dendrochronological examination by Peter Klein yielded information only from the center board and provided a felling date of 1493 +6/-4. Examination with infrared reflectography revealed underdrawing, probably applied with a brush in a liquid medium, in the curtain folds and the landscape and in the hands. Several changes are visible in the x-radiograph; the sitter's right hand was originally slightly more to the left, and the left hand was placed parallel to it as if both were holding an object, such as a piece of paper. The right side of the face along the cheek and chin has been enlarged very slightly. Examination of the date and monogram did not disclose adulteration or inpainting. There are several checks in the wooden support running from the top edge along the vertical grain, and the panel has been attacked by worms in several locations, notably the left and right edges. There is retouching throughout, but the greatest concentration of loss and subsequent retouching occurs in the sitter's face and along the checks. An edge of white ground has been left around the sides, presumably to accommodate the frame, but the two vertical edges and the top left and right corners have been reworked using a material denser than the original ground.

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