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Medalist of 1518
French, active 1518
Henry, Jeronyme
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The Medalist of 1518, the author of a group of medals, including NGA 1957.14.1125, .1126, and .1127, was an artist from Lyon, possibly Jerome or Jeronyme Henry (active c. 1503-1539). The identification is based on a documented payment to Henry by the city of Lyon in 1518 for two presentation medals, on the absence from Lyon of the only rival artist, Jacques Gauvain, during that year, and to a reference from an eighteenth-century collector to Henry as author of a medal of Talaru (NGA 1957.14.1125).

The uniform treatment of the busts, common dating, and existence of one posthumous portrait in the group (NGA 1957.14.1126) suggests that the three NGA medals were produced for some fraternity of humanists in Lyon.

[This is the biography published in the NGA systematic catalogue.]

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