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George Bobholz
American, active c. 1935
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The following information was provided by John Bobholz, grandson of George Bobholz in an email dated January 11, 2005 and directed to Peter Huestis of the National Gallery's imaging and visual services department:

George Frank Bobholz

Born: April 13th, 1904

Died: August 1957

Birthplace: Beaver Dam, Wisconsin


Moved to Brookfield, Wisconsin in approximately 1949-1950.

Occupations: Artist, Designer, Builder.

Taught art at Layton School of Art in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Employed by the Index of American Design.

Married Viola Neitzel in 1924

Viola (nee) Neitzel Born: 1906 Died: 1994

George and Viola Bobholz had 3 sons.

Twins: Gilbert and Gordon and Gerald (younger)

(Gordon deceased)

Did alter work at St. Boniface Catholic church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

August Kaufmann Funeral Home of Milwaukee bought and displayed many of his


Painted approximately 1500 paintings. Sold mostly to the affluent Jewish

community on Lake Drive on Milwaukee's lakefront in the 1930's.

Some paintings sold through "Lenz Art Store"

Nic Lenz was also a prominent artist at this time

Wisconsin Memorial Park cemetery in Brookfield, Wisconsin, has three of his

paintings on display.

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