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Frederick Sommer in Context



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This web feature was written by Ksenya Gurshtein, A.W. Mellon postdoctoral curatorial fellow in the department of photographs. It was produced by the department of education and the publishing office at the National Gallery of Art, Washington.

The author would like to express her deep gratitude to Naomi Lyons and Jeremy Cox, Frederick & Frances Sommer Foundation; Sarah Gordon, department of photographs, National Gallery of Art; Rena Hoisington, department of prints, drawings & photographs, Baltimore Museum of Art; Russell Lord and Monika Cantin, department of photographs, New Orleans Museum of Art; Joshua Chuang and Marisa Nakasone, department of photographs, Yale University Art Gallery; David Benjamin, Center for Creative Photography Library, University of Arizona; and Elisabeth Remak-Honnef, Library Special Collections, University of California Santa Cruz for their generous help with the research for this web feature. She would also like to thank Sarah Greenough, senior curator, and Diane Waggoner, associate curator, in the department of photographs at the National Gallery of Art for their support and guidance in the writing of this web feature.

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