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Art Around the Corner

Example Artworks from Fourth Grade Lessons

Why do artists make paintings?
Fourth graders focus on the topic of painting during their visits to the National Gallery of Art. To consider the question "Why do artists make paintings?" they study the works of Paul Cézanne and identify the subjects of paintings: portrait, landscape, still life, and genre. In the studio, students create their own still-life paintings by examining a fruit or vegetable closely, then painting a small detail, paying special attention to textures and color.

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How do artists show nature?
To investigate the question "How do artists show nature?" students view a variety of still-life and landscape paintings. They learn about impressionism through the works of Claude Monet, consider how Thomas Cole used nature as symbol in The Voyage of Life, and examine realistic flowers and insects in a Dutch still life. In the studio, students closely observe and sketch real flowers, then add color on a transparency sheet with oil pastels. They layer and blend the oil colors to create vibrant, textured still lifes.

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