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Collecting, Restoring: Archival Focus

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Streamed from July 15th through July 21st

Highlighting personal voices, portraits, and stories often ignored by the mainstream media, these ten films and videos range from 1976 to 2018 and include selections from Dara Birnbaum, Julie Dash, and Anthony Ramos. With new acquisitions and recent restorations, this program features the holdings of three notable but lesser-known North American film and video collections: Electronic Arts Intermix, New York, founded in 1971; Women Make Movies, New York, supporting films by women since 1972; and VTape, Toronto, established in 1980. Two selections from VTape, completed within the last six years, represent the collection’s ongoing commitment to care for and circulate work by Indigenous artists. Courtesy EAI, WMM, and VTape.