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Lynda Benglis and Her Contemporaries

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Streamed from November 4 through November 10

Lynda Benglis reveled in exploring the possibilities of nascent analog video technology. The medium gave artists newfound control of their images, which they could capture electronically and immediately play back. Benglis was one of the first artists to experiment with analog video in two distinct ways: figuratively as performer and subject, and conceptually by pushing the boundaries of video imagery through layered generations of recordings, as well as image and sound decay. She built up electronic images much like a traditional collagist and explored editing in linear time with considerable care and mastery.

This program of early video art pairs three of Benglis’s titles with the work of three other important artists: Joan Jonas, Shigeko Kubota, and Susan Mogul. With thanks to Video Data Bank, Lynda Benglis, Molly Donovan, and Susan Mogul.