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    A masked person standing in front of a photograph on an easel is giving a virtual presentation via iPad while another person with a facemask looks at tablet


    Center 41

    Board of Advisors

    Stephen J. Campbell, Johns Hopkins University
    September 2020–August 2023

    Bridget R. Cooks, University of California, Irvine
    September 2019–August 2022

    Maria Gough, Harvard University
    September 2020–August 2023

    Joanne Pillsbury, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    September 2019–August 2022

    Lothar von Falkenhausen, University of California, Los Angeles
    September 2018–August 2021

    Alicia Walker, Bryn Mawr College
    September 2020–August 2023

    Michael Zell, Boston University
    October 2019–August 2022

    Curatorial Liaison

    Harry Cooper, National Gallery of Art
    Senior Curator and Head of Modern Art
    September 2018–August 2021

    Special Selection Committees

    Ailsa Mellon Bruce Predoctoral Fellowship for Historians of American Art to Travel Abroad

    Nicole Fleetwood, Rutgers University
    February 2021–March 2023

    Jessica L. Horton, University of Delaware
    February 2021–March 2023

    Jordana Moore Saggese, University of Maryland
    February 2020–March 2022

    Postdoctoral Fellowships

    Eddie Chambers, The University of Texas at Austin
    October 2019–February 2023

    Kellie Jones, Columbia University
    October 2017–February 2022

    David Young Kim, University of Pennsylvania
    November 2020–February 2024

    Laura E. Pérez, University of California, Berkeley
    November 2020–February 2024


    Elizabeth Cropper, Dean (to July 2020)

    Steven Nelson, Dean (from July 2020)

    Therese O’Malley, Associate Dean

    Peter M. Lukehart, Associate Dean 

    Helen Tangires, Center Administrator

    Jeannette Ibarra Shindell, Assistant Administrator for Budget and Accounting (to May 2020)

    Nathalie Meza, Assistant Administrator for Budget and Accounting (from July 2020)


    Elise Ferone, Center Support Specialist

    Caroline Marsh, Regular Meetings Coordinator

    Annie G. Miller, Special Meetings and Publications Coordinator 

    Jen Rokoski, Communications Coordinator

    Abby S. Whitlock, Assistant to the Program of Research

    Andy Wolanski, Fellowship Officer


    Valeria Federici, Research Associate

    Miriam K. Said, Research Associate 

    Lauren Taylor, Research Associate/Edmond J. Safra Research Associate

    Matthew J. Westerby, Robert H. Smith Research Associate

    Fulvia Zaninelli, Research Associate


    Dell Upton, University of California, Los Angeles
    Kress-Beinecke Professor, 2020–2021

    Huey Copeland, University of Pennsylvania
    Andrew W. Mellon Professor, 2020–2022

    Penelope Curtis, London
    Edmond J. Safra Visiting Professor, spring 2021

    Jennifer L. Roberts, Harvard University
    70th A. W. Mellon Lecturer in the Fine Arts, spring 2021

    Senior Fellows

    Elena M. Calvillo, University of Richmond
    Samuel H. Kress Senior Fellow, fall 2020
    Rome in Translation: Cultural Brokerage in 16th-Century Italy

    Patrick R. Crowley, Stanford University
    Samuel H. Kress Senior Fellow, spring 2021
    Roman Portraiture: A Media Archaeology

    Madhuri Desai, The Pennsylvania State University
    Ailsa Mellon Bruce Senior Fellow, 2020–2021
    Creating the Mughal Temple: Architecture, Innovation, and Archaism (1590‒1700)

    André Dombrowski, University of Pennsylvania
    Paul Mellon Senior Fellow, 2020–2021
    Monet’s Minutes: Impressionism and the Industrialization of Time

    Byron Ellsworth Hamann, The Ohio State University
    William C. Seitz Senior Fellow, 2020–2021
    A History of Mexico through Histories of “The Conquest”: The Lienzos of Tlaxcala Remade, 1552‒2012

    Stuart Lingo, University of Washington
    Samuel H. Kress Senior Fellow, 2020–2021
    Bronzino’s Bodies and Mannerism’s Masks

    Oscar E. Vázquez, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Ailsa Mellon Bruce Senior Fellow, 2020–2021
    Copying the Body: The Practice and Politics of Life Drawing in Latin American Academies of Art, 1780‒1900

    Visiting Senior Fellows

    Kathryn Jane Brown, Loughborough University
    Paul Mellon Visiting Senior Fellow, winter 2021
    Artists’ Books of the Harlem Renaissance

    Delinda J. Collier, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
    Ailsa Mellon Bruce Visiting Senior Fellow, summer 2020
    African Art as Evidence

    Simone C. Drake, The Ohio State University
    Ailsa Mellon Bruce Visiting Senior Fellow, summer 2020
    Visualizing and Hearing Separatist Aesthetics in Contemporary Black Art and Music

    Melissa L. Hyde, University of Florida
    Ailsa Mellon Bruce Visiting Senior Fellow, fall 2020
    Marie-Suzanne Giroust Roslin: The Forgotten Académicienne

    Brian L. McLaren, University of Washington
    Ailsa Mellon Bruce Visiting Senior Fellow, spring 2021
    Architecture and Mobility in Italian Africa during the Fascist Era

    Samantha A. Noël, Wayne State University
    Leonard A. Lauder Visiting Senior Fellow, winter 2021
    Diasporic Art in the Age of Black Power

    Howard Singerman, Hunter College
    Paul Mellon Visiting Senior Fellow, fall 2020
    Acts of Art and Cinque: Networks and Geographies of Black Art in Manhattan, 1969‒1975

    Rachel Stephens, University of Alabama
    Ailsa Mellon Bruce Visiting Senior Fellow, fall 2020
    Hidden in Plain Sight: The Concealment of Slavery in Antebellum American Art

    Molly Warnock, Johns Hopkins University
    Ailsa Mellon Bruce Visiting Senior Fellow, winter 2020–2021
    The Subject of Painting: James Bishop and Tel Quel

    Karl P. Whittington, The Ohio State University
    Paul Mellon Visiting Senior Fellow, summer 2020
    Trecento Pictoriality: Diagrammatic Painting in the Age of Giotto

    Guest Scholar

    Melanee C. Harvey, Howard University
    Paul Mellon Guest Scholar, 2020–2021
    Patterns of Permanence: African Methodist Episcopal Architecture and Visual Culture

    Ailsa Mellon Bruce National Gallery of Art Sabbatical Curatorial/Conservation Fellow 

    Mel Harper, National Gallery of Art, Division of Education, Department of Interpretation
    ACT: The Black Women’s Performance Wikipedia Project

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    Ellen Tani
    A. W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, 2020–2022
    Black Conceptual Practice in Contemporary Art

    Predoctoral Fellows

    in residence

    Thadeus Dowad [University of California, Berkeley]
    Paul Mellon Fellow, 2018–2021
    Border Regimes: European Art and Ottoman Modernity, 1789–1839

    Susan Eberhard [University of California, Berkeley]
    Andrew W. Mellon Fellow, 2019–2021
    Chinese Export Silverwares, Foreign Coins, and Incarnations of Value: The Global Economy and Its Materials, 1682–1902

    Ziliang Liu [Harvard University]
    Ittleson Fellow, 2019–2021
    Art of Changes: Material Imagination in Early China, c. Third to First Century BCE

    Andrew Sears [University of California, Berkeley]
    David E. Finley Fellow, 2018–2021
    The Sacred and the Market: Reliquaries and Urbanism in Medieval Cologne

    Kimia Shahi [Princeton University]
    Wyeth Fellow, 2019–2021
    Margin, Surface, Depth: Picturing the Contours of the Marine in 19th-Century America

    Johanna Sluiter [New York University]
    Twenty-Four-Month Chester Dale Fellow, 2019–2021
    Engineering Habitat: Reconstruction, Decolonization, and the Atelier des Bâtisseurs, 1945–1962

    Teresa Soley [Columbia University]
    Samuel H. Kress Fellow, 2019–2021
    The Politics of Death: A Social History of Renaissance Portuguese Tomb Sculpture

    Not in residence

    Davida Fernández-Barkan [Harvard University]
    David E. Finley Fellow, 2020–2023
    Mural Diplomacy: Mexico, the United States, and France at the 1937 International Exposition in Paris

    Luke A. Fidler [University of Chicago]
    Paul Mellon Fellow, 2019–2022
    Henry the Lion and the Art of Politics in Northern Europe, c. 1142–1195

    Sara Lent Frier [Yale University]
    Robert H. and Clarice Smith Fellow, fall 2020
    Unbearable Witness: The Disfigured Body in the German-Speaking Lands, c. 1500‒1650

    Christine Garnier [Harvard University]
    Wyeth Fellow, 2020–2022
    Amalgamating the West during the American Silver Age (1848‒1893)

    Isabella Lores-Chavez [Columbia University]
    Samuel H. Kress Fellow, 2020–2022
    Plaster Casts in the Life and Art of 17th-Century Dutch Painters

    Mohit Manohar [Yale University]
    Andrew W. Mellon Fellow, 2020–2022
    The City of Gods and Fortune: An Architectural and Urban History of Daulatabad, 1200‒1500

    Maria Verónica Muñoz-Nájar Luque [University of California, Berkeley]
    Twelve-Month Chester Dale Fellow, 2020–2021
    Art, Civility, and Religion in the Amazon Margins

    Cleo Nisse [Columbia University]
    Paul Mellon Fellow, 2020–2023
    Unraveling Canvas: Textile Supports and Venetian Painting from Bellini to Tintoretto

    Rachel Catherine Patt [Emory University]
    David E. Finley Fellow, 2019–2022
    Meaning, Materiality, and Pothos in Late Antique Gold-Glass Portraits

    Catherine H. Popovici [The University of Texas at Austin]
    Ittleson Fellow, 2020–2022
    Stones of Statehood: Art, Politics, and Placemaking in a Classic Maya Landscape

    Erhan Tamur [Columbia University]
    Twenty-Four-Month Chester Dale Fellow, 2020–2022
    Site-Worlds: An Account of Material Lives from Tello (Ancient Girsu)

    Ailsa Mellon Bruce Predoctoral Fellowships for Historians of American Art to Travel Abroad

    Zoë Colón [University of Delaware]

    Grace Converse [University of Southern California]

    Phillippa Pitts [Boston University]

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