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Frequently Asked Questions:
Auditorium Programs

If you have a question about our auditorium programs, please read through the list of commonly asked questions. If your question is not addressed by the list, please e-mail it to us by clicking on "I still have a question." We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

1. Do I need a ticket to gain admittance?

No. Auditorium programs are open to the public and seating is on a first-come, first-seated basis. You are your own ticket. You may not save places for people who have not yet arrived.

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2. Do I need to register to attend a lecture/symposium in either auditorium?

No. Registration is not required, unless noted on the specific listing.

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3. How many seats are available?

The East Building Auditorium seats 500 people. The East Building Small Auditorium seats approximately 60 people.

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4. When does seating begin?

Auditorium doors open approximately 30 minutes before a program begins. After each event, the auditorium is cleared to prepare for the next event. Patrons who wish to attend more than one event are asked to return 30 minutes prior to the next program. Most events allow late seating, unless specially noted by staff on duty, or if the auditorium has been filled.

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5. What if I need to use the restroom while standing in line?

Ask your neighbor to save your place. The restrooms are located to the left of the moving walkway.

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6. May I save seats in either auditorium?

No. There are no tickets for auditorium events; we will seat those present before we can accommodate late arrivals.

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7. May I bring food or drinks into either auditorium?

No. Food and drink can only be consumed in designated restaurant locations. We appreciate your help in keeping the auditorium clean.

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8. May I leave either auditorium once I have been seated?

Yes, but seat saving is not permitted. We cannot guarantee that your seat will be available upon your return. If the auditorium is full, please let the staff member at the door know you are leaving and plan to return.

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9. Where can I sit if I am in a wheelchair?

There are wheelchair spaces designated along the top level of the East Building Auditorium. Guests may choose to leave their wheelchairs in the rear of the auditorium near the guard's desk and sit in auditorium seating.

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10. May I leave my child alone in either auditorium?

Children under 15 may not be left in the auditorium without supervision.

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11. May my child sit in a stroller in either auditorium?

No. Strollers must be left in the back of the auditorium, near the security guard. Strollers may not be parked in the rows or on the stairs. All children must sit in the auditorium seats. Small children may sit on their parents' laps, but not on the floor of the auditorium.

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12. Can I get an assisted-hearing device for auditorium programs?

Both East Building auditoria are equipped with assistive listening devices. Receivers and neck loops necessary to access these systems can be borrowed from the Art Information Desk located on the Ground Level of the East Building. The Lecture Hall in the West Building is similarly equipped. The Art Information Desk at the 6th Street and Constitution Avenue Entrance to the West Building can provide the devices.

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13. May I make an audio or video recording of a program?

No. Recording is not permitted; all program content is property of the presenters and the National Gallery of Art.

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14. How long does a lecture last?

Lectures are approximately 50 minutes in length.

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15. May I film or take photographs during a program?

No. Photography is not permitted; all program content is property of the presenters and the National Gallery of Art.

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16. If the program is followed by a book signing, where can I purchase the book?

Books will be available for sale in the Gallery Shops prior to and during the signing. There will often be a display and sales desk near the signing table.

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17. Where do book signings take place?

Book signings generally take place just outside the East Building Auditorium, near the underground walkway to the Cascade Café and Bookstore.

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18. May I take photographs of the author?

Please ask the signer’s permission before taking photographs.

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19. Will the author sign items other than books?

Signing events are usually limited to books only, but please ask the staff member on duty if other items will be signed.

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20. How long does a film program last?

Film lengths will vary. Please check the running times listed in the calendar and posted on the board outside of the auditorium.

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