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Borrowing Options

The education division at the National Gallery of Art provides more than 100 free loan teaching packets with image CDs, DVDs, and video programs to millions of viewers in thousands of communities across the country. These programs are intended to foster awareness of the visual arts and make Gallery collections accessible to a broad audience beyond the Gallery's walls. They are circulated free of charge to individuals or educational institutions, community groups, and non-profit television stations (institutional affiliate loans) throughout the United States.

Individual Loans

This option is intended for anyone's personal or individual use. Loan materials may be requested online. See program descriptions of our teaching packets, videos, or search the online catalogue. Please allow two business days for us to process your request. You will receive an e-mail confirmation with your borrower ID number that will be required to place an order.

Alternatively, you may request a printed catalogue and then may fax or mail a printable order form (PDF 199KB).

Be sure to request programs well in advance of your planned presentation date.


You will receive an e-mail confirmation noting each program you requested and our shipping date for each. The program’s return date will be shown on the packing slip enclosed with the program.

Loan Period

Borrowers should return the programs to the Gallery by their due date (varies from one to nine months); borrowers pay only for return postage (media mail rate). Returned programs are inspected upon receipt at the Gallery, in preparation for their shipment to other borrowers.

Institutional Affiliate Loans

This alternative is intended for large organizations that can circulate programs to extensive audiences—such as school systems, instructional resource centers, museums and art centers, health care facilities, libraries, and public and instructional television stations. Such organizations act as "affiliate distributors" in order to provide their audiences more immediate access to our free-loan extension programs. The selected programs are placed on long-term loan—usually three years and renewable—and are made available for noncommercial television presentation. This option is intended only for organizations that support active distribution systems.

Organizations with noncommercial television capability may request permission for broadcast and/or duplication, provided after completion of a special written license agreement. Programs may not be broadcast, reproduced, or transferred to another medium or format without special license from the National Gallery of Art. Requests for permission to broadcast or reproduce programs must be submitted in writing.

We now also offer limited online or digital use to institutions for presentation over a non commercial (educational, public) server that delivers media-on-demand online through a password-protected environment or closed server. If such permission is requested for online or digital use, the licensee guarantees that no still-frame capturing of images, duplication of images, or excerpting of motion footage can be made from DVD copies, downloaded, or used for any other purpose than online viewing.

If you wish to participate as an affiliate distributor, or if you would like to broadcast or reproduce programs, please contact us to request an application:

Department of Education Resources
National Gallery of Art
2000B South Club Drive
Landover, MD 20785

[email protected]