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People You Don't See, 1951

People You Don't See (text panel), 1951, 1990.28.7

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At 6 AM Melvin Tocker, the superintendent of the Pallizzio shoe factory at the east end of the block, begins the day sweeping the sidewalk. The cars have been brought out of the garage across the street and wait for their owners, 1951, 1990.28.8

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It is 8:30 and the street is beginning to come to life. The fruit peddler who keeps his fruits in the garage has arranged his tray. On the left Connie Damiani is on her way to her job at Plymouth Toy Co., 1951, 1990.28.9

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By 10 o'clock Georgie has been sent out of the rooming house to his playground--the sidewalk. His friends, truckmen and loaders, keep an eye on him during the day, 1951, 1990.28.10

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Untitled--Connie Daliani, 1951, 1990.28.11

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Just before noon Lena Kansler delivers orders to the building at the west corner of the block. Her husband Benny runs the luncheonette, 1951, 1990.28.12

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At the same time Mel, his morning duties done, has changed his uniform and rests in one of the garage chairs, 1951, 1990.28.13

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For Georgie at noon-time the street becomes crowded with strangers, 1951, 1990.28.14

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After lunch Connie jokes with other workers outside the factory, 1951, 1990.28.15

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At some time during the afternoon Lena might be seen looking at the silverware at Lawner's Auctioneers, next to Benny's, 1951, 1990.28.16

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By early afternoon the fruit peddler has restocked his tray for the second time. He has just sold a pear and continues his route, 1951, 1990.28.17

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On his day off Mel sometimes puts on his best clothes and comes to the street as a visitor, 1951, 1990.28.18

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Lena is through working. It is 3 PM and she will soon go home, 1951, 1990.28.19

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At 3:30 Connie goes across the street to Benny's to get some coffee for her boss, 1951, 1990.28.20

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Like many other people who live within a few blocks, Mr. and Mrs. Feiertag come in the late afternoon to get their car from the Handon garage, 1951, 1990.28.21

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It is 7 PM and almost everybody has gone home. With his empty tray the fruit peddler returns to the garage for the last time today, 1951, 1990.28.22

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On Saturday and Sunday the street is empty. Georgie is alone, 1951, 1990.28.23

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