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Later the Same Evening: an opera inspired by five paintings of Edward Hopper

Introduction - "Out my one window…"

In the aria, "Out my one window…" (inspired by Edward Hopper’s Hotel Room), Ruth Baldwin rereads a note she will leave for her boyfriend that explains why she is moving back home to Indianapolis after a failed career as a dancer. As she dresses, she looks around at her hotel room, and at the view of other lives out its one window, and leaves.

Lyrics - "Out my one window…"

"As for me…I will…never…forget you."
[Ruth rereads the letter she has written.]
By the time you open this letter,
I’ll be on the train back to Indianapolis,
It would have been better to tell you in person,
But I know I’m not strong enough.
If I were to see any hurt in your eyes,
[Looking up]
(His beautiful eyes!)
[Reading again]
I’d never be able to do this.
I'd fall apart.
I need you to know that this isn’t your fault.
You're the most wonderful man in the world.
And someday you’ll find someone much more deserving
Than I.
[She is starting to tear up.]
The truth is, I’m really not meant for this city.
Or maybe it just isn’t meant for me.
After countless auditions,
And mounting rejections,
The star pupil of the Miss Beulah School of Ballet
Must return to her small pond.
[Looking out, a little bitterly]
Hello, Indianapolis!
Gosh, but it’s great to be home.
How right you were
When you said
I’d never make it
How right you were
When you said
The town’ll kill me
How right you were.
Yep, you bet!
And no, I am not married yet.
[She resumes reading the letter.]
I know I have hurt you. For this I am sorry.
I hope in some way you will learn to forgive me.
As for me, I will never forget you.
[She is uncertain, how to sign it.]
"Forever yours, Ruth"
(Well, clearly that isn’t true.)
"Love, Ruth"
"Devotedly, Your Ruth"
(Sounds like a nun.)
[Signing the letter.]
[She puts it down; picks it back up.]
P.S. I am leaving this…with Miss Pinckney…at the front desk.
I know you won’t miss… her beady eyes…or her dictatorship…
at the Hudson Hotel for…Young …Women."
[Looks at her watch.]
Seven fifteen.
HE gave me this.
[She stands up. Looks out the window.]
Out my one window,
Nighttime is falling
Over the city.
Out my one window,
Edges have faded,
Buildings look softer.
And in the rooms
The little rooms
Lights come on
One by one.
A woman dresses to go out.
Another stares at her piano.
A man works late in his office.
Yet connected.
When you get to this town—
Gosh, when you get to this town!—
You think the whole world notices you
Look it’s me!
Look it’s me!
When you leave this town—
God when you leave this town!...
It’s so easy
To just slip away.
Thousands rush in
Thousands rush out
I will
Miss my one window,
Miss this hotel room,
Its perfect easy chair.
I will
Think of them often,
Dream of my time here
When I’ve moved on.

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"Later the Same Evening: an Opera inspired by 5 paintings by Edward Hopper"


Lyrics: "Out my one Window"


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