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Hinge-Free Mounting

Hinge-free mounting is a non-invasive method of securing prints, drawings, or photographs into a mat without applying adhesives or tapes directly to the artwork. The possibility of damage caused by poor hinging materials is eliminated. Two disadvantages of this method are the inaccessibility of the artwork’s verso after mounting and the covering of a portion of the artwork’s perimeter. 

Basic Mat

A basic mat consists of two pieces of mat board: one for the window and one for the back mat.

Basic Mat

Edge Strips

Four folded strips made of thin, high-quality paper secure the artwork onto the back mat. Gummed paper tape holds the strips in place.

Matting-Hinge 02

Tabbed Edge Strips

Tabs can be cut into edge strips when mounting larger artwork. These tabs provide additional support along the bottom.

Matting-Hinge 03

Edge Wraps

Edge wraps are made from a single sheet of high-quality paper that is folded around the artwork. This method provides overall support without the risk of sagging.

Matting-Hinge 04


Corners are an easy way to secure and remove art from the back mat.

Matting-Hinge 05