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The Robert Frank Collection

Guggenheim 340/Americans 18/19-New Orleans, November 1955, 1990.28.2141.neg

Guggenheim 340/Americans 18/19—New Orleans, November 1955


The collection includes aproximately 3,000 35 mm gelatin silver, flexible film negatives corresponding to nearly all contact sheets as well as to all technical material. The number of negatives is an estimate, because some negatives that correspond to the contact sheets are missing, and there are a number of negatives corresponding to technical material.

In addition, the collection includes six 4 5/8-by-3 1/2-inch gelatin dry plate negatives. Two of these, dated 1941–1945, correspond to prints published in Frank's volume 40 Fotos. The remaining four, dated c. 1941, correspond to prints that Frank grouped under the heading "Design."