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The Robert Frank Collection

Trolley–New Orleans, 1955, 2001.8.1

Trolley–New Orleans, 1955, 2001.8.1

Photographs, Contact Sheets, Work Prints, and Volumes

The collection includes:

624 photographs, both vintage prints (made within five years of the negative) and later prints, dating from 1937 to 2005. One object classified as a photograph, 2010.108.20, is a hardcover book (the 1994 exhibition catalogue, Moving Out), with a Polaroid inset.

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Guggenheim 340/Americans 18/19–New Orleans, 1955, 1990.28.2141

Guggenheim 340/Americans 18/19–New Orleans, 1955, 1990.28.2141

2,967 contact sheets that Frank printed from his negatives, starting with his Swiss work in 1941 and extending through his 1973 work in Paris and London.

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Trolley–New Orleans, 1955, 1990.28.316

Trolley–New Orleans, 1955, 1990.28.316

1,344 work prints made during Frank's early years in Europe and from the Guggenheim negatives, 1955–1957.

Three groups of prints have been classified as work prints. The quality of the print does not determine its designation as a work print, although it is clear that Frank did not strive toward perfect tone or contrast in the work prints. Rather, the classification results from Frank's conception and use of the prints.

The first group of work prints comprises what appear to be contact prints (that is, the same size as Frank's negatives) made during his early years in Switzerland.

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The second group of work prints includes prints Frank made in France in 1951, as well as a few other prints from Spain, London, and Wales.

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The final group of work prints Frank made from his Guggenheim negatives, 1955–1957, as he worked toward the grouping and sequencing of The Americans.

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40 Fotos, 1946, 2010.114.1.9-10

40 Fotos, 1946, 2010.114.1.9 - 2010.114.1.10

Three hand-bound volumes produced during the early part of Frank's career: 40 Fotos, 1946; Peru, 1948; and Black White and Things, 1952.

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