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The Robert Frank Collection

Robert Frank to Saxe Commins, October 8, 1956

Robert Frank to Saxe Commins, October 8, 1956

Papers, Books, and Recordings

This part of the collection encompasses a wide variety of papers, books, and recordings given by Frank, Philip Brookman, Ed Grazda, and others. These include personal artifacts such as passports and a fingerprint card; correspondence, including that between Frank and the Guggenheim Foundation; exhibition announcements, brochures, and catalogs; journal and newspaper articles featuring Frank or his photographs; portraits of Frank and his associates taken in the 1970s–1990s, as well as portraits of Frank and others taken by Walker Evans in the 1950s and printed later by Ed Grazda; installation photographs from several of Frank's exhibitions; book dummies; publications including original prints of Robert Frank photographs; books and CDs given by the estate of Kazuko Oshima; books featuring reproductions of photographs by Frank; dust jackets, album covers, and posters; VHS cassettes, KCA videotapes, DVDs, and audio tapes; and other miscellaneous objects. Materials are listed in Robert Frank Papers, Books, and Recordings.