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A. W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows

A list of former A. W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows at the Center and their research projects.

Ellen Tani
Black Conceptual Practice, 1970–1985 (2021)

Rachel Grace Newman
To Search for Beauty in the Ruins: Nineteenth-Century Jamaica and the Work of William Berryman (2020)
William Berryman and His Worlds: Art Production and Patronage in Nineteenth-Century Jamaica (2019)

Megan C. McNamee
Picturing Number in the Central Middle Ages (2018)
Picturing Number: Denumeration and Representation in Europe, c. 1000 (2017)

Fernando Loffredo
A Poetic Urgency: Sculpture and Poetry in Dialogue in the Early Modern World (2017)
A Corsair History of Sculpture: Abducting Italian Fountains in the Early Modern Mediterranean (2016)

Lihong Liu
The Real Scene: Painting, Life, and Place in China, 1450–1550 (2016)
The Real Scene: Painting and Place in China, 1450–1550 (2015)

Caroline O. Fowler
Absence Made Present: An Early Modern History of Drawing and the Senses (2015)
Absence Made Present: Drawing the Memory Body, 1400–1750 (2014)

Stephen Hart Whiteman
Vocabularies of Culture: The Landscape of Multiethnic Emperorship in the Early Qing Dynasty (1661–1722)  (2014)
Vocabularies of Culture: The Landscape of Multiethnic Emperorship in the Early Qing Dynasty (1661–1722) (2013)

Łukasz Stanek
Henri Lefebvre's “Vers une architecture de la jouissance” (1973): Toward an Architectural Research

September 2010–October 2011
Marden Fitzpatrick Nichols
Vitruvius on Display: Domestic Decor and Roman Self-Fashioning at the End of the Republic

Megan E. O’Neil
University of Southern California
The Lives of Ancient Maya Sculptures

Hendrik W. Dey
Hunter College of the City University of New York
Architecture, Ceremony, and the Construction of Authority in Late Antiquity

Douglas Brine
The Content and Context of Wall-Mounted Memorials in the Burgundian Netherlands

Amy Freund
Southern Methodist University
Revolutionary Likenesses: Portraiture and Politics in France, 1789–1804