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From the Bulletin

The Bulletin is published twice a year for friends of the National Gallery of Art under the auspices of the development office. It offers insights into the current collecting and exhibiting of works of art at the Gallery and opens with a letter from the director’s desk. The Bulletin also includes a short article by the dean of the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts focusing on current activities of the Center in its programs of fellowships, meetings, research, and publications. These regular features are archived here.


Gilbert Stuart and the Representation of the Nation
Bulletin 62 (Fall 2020)

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CASVA Curates
(Spring 2020)
This feature was originally intended for the spring 2020 issue of the Gallery’s Bulletin, which could not be published because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are pleased to be able to share it with you here.


Women in the Archive
Bulletin 61 (Fall 2019)

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CASVA at Forty
Bulletin 60 (Spring 2019)

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Bulletin 59 bulletin

CASVA's New Initiatives in African American Art: A Statement of Purpose
Bulletin 59 (Fall 2018)

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Bulletin 58 cover

Prints and People: Carlo Cesare Malvasia's Catalog of Bolognese Prints Rediscovered
Bulletin 58 (Spring 2018)

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Bulletin 57 cover pub bulletin page

A Celebration of African American Art in Washington, DC
Bulletin 57 (Fall 2017)

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bulletin 56-200

American Old Masters: A New History of Art
Bulletin 56 (Spring 2017)

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bulletin 55

Shared Assets: The Search for Knowledge
Bulletin 55 (Fall 2016)

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bulletin 54

Mellon Anniversaries: 75, 65, 35
Bulletin 54 (Spring 2016)

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bulletin 53_Page_1

Looking Forward: Predoctoral Fellows at CASVA
Bulletin 53 (Fall 2015)

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The Wyeth Foundation for American Art and CASVA
Bulletin 52 (Spring 2015)

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bulletin 51

Paul Mellon and the Love of Learning
Bulletin 51 (Fall 2014)

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bulletin 50

A Kress Professor Remembered: William Chapin Seitz (1914‒1974)
Bulletin 50 (Spring 2014)

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bulletin 49

Digital Matters
Bulletin 49 (Fall 2013)

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bulletin 48

Carlo Cesare Malvasia's Felsina pittrice: A Response to Vasari
Bulletin 48 (Spring 2013)

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bulletin 47

Collaboration, Conservation, and Context
Bulletin 47 (Fall 2012)

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bulletin 46

Interpreting the Art of China
Bulletin 46 (Spring 2012)

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bulletin 45

Murillo's Smiles: Two Women at a Window
Bulletin 45 (Fall 2011)

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NGA B44, Covers

Studies in the History of Art
Bulletin 44 (Fall 2011)

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bulletin 43_Page_1

The Three Professors
Bulletin 43 (Fall 2010)

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bulletin 42

Current Research at the Center
Bulletin 42 (Spring 2010)

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A Meeting Ground for Teachers and Scholars from All Over the World
Bulletin 41 (Fall 2009)

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