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Film Programs 2011

Winter Film Program 2011

Download (PDF 880k)
Film series include: Stories from a Russian Province;  Neorealismo 1941–1954: Days of Glory; Jem Cohen: Curious Visions; Remembering Risorgimento

Spring Film Program 2011

Download (PDF 616k)
Film series include: Richard Dindo: Artists, Writers, Rebels; A Season of Rohmer; In Praise of Independents: The Flaherty; American Originals Now: Kevin Jerome Everson; Color, ‘Scope: Recent Restorations from the 1950s

Summer Film Program 2011

Download (PDF 573k)
Film series include: From Vault to Screen: New Preservation from France; Film-Makers’ Co-op at Fifty; Recovered Treasure: UCLA’s Annual Festival of Preservation; This Other Eden: Ireland and Film; A Polish Quartet: Jerzy Skolimowski in the 1960s

Fall Film Program 2011

Download (PDF 733k)
Film series include: Andy Warhol; Fantômas; Le Cinéma Fantastique; American Originals Now: Lynne Sachs; Ali Khamraev: Uzbek Triptych; Seeking Spain in the Cinema; Yuri Ilyenko: Ballad of Ukraine; American Originals Now: Fred Worden