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    View of the top of the East Building tower, with green trees on each side

    Research Reports

    Center 43

    Every member—including professors and fellows, postdoctoral research associates, and interns—submits a summary of the independent research accomplished while in residence at the Center, often representing the first published record of new research.

    Professors and Fellows

    Professors, senior fellows, visiting senior fellows, National Gallery of Art sabbatical fellows, guest scholars, postdoctoral fellows, and predoctoral fellows typically submit reports on their research at the end of their term or the academic year.


    The Howard University Undergraduate Internship is a two-year program that aims to create pathways to careers in museums and arts-related organizations for participating students. As a capstone to their first year, interns crafted individual National Gallery tours around three works of art, guided by independent research and their developing public engagement skills. In year two of their program, the interns will participate in various departmental projects, with thoughtful guidance by mentors from across the National Gallery of Art.