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Members' Research Reports, 2011 – 2013

Every fellow submits a written summary of the independent research accomplished while in residence at the Center, for publication in the annual Center Report. These reports often represent the first published record of new research, and as such we hope they are useful to scholars working on related topics. For  research reports published before 2011, please see the annual Center reports.

Sonya S. Lee, University of Southern California
Paul Mellon Senior Fellow, 2011 – 2012
Between Culture and Nature: Cave Temples of Sichuan

Jacqueline Lichtenstein, Université Paris-Sorbonne
Edmond J. Safra Visiting Professor, fall 2011
How to Talk about Art: Differences and Limits of Art Theory, Art Criticism, Art History, and Aesthetics

Estelle Lingo, University of Washington, Seattle
Samuel H. Kress Senior Fellow, 2011 – 2012
Francesco Mochi and the Edge of Tradition

Stuart Lingo, University of Washington, Seattle
Samuel H. Kress Senior Fellow, 2012 – 2013
Bronzino's Bodies: Fortunes of the Ideal Nude in an Age of Reform

Di Yin Lu [Harvard University]
Andrew W. Mellon Fellow, 2010 – 2012
Seizing Civilization: Antiquities in Shanghai's Custody, 1949 – 1996

Caroline Maniaque-Benton, Université Paris-Est / École nationale supérieure d’architecture Paris-Malaquais
Paul Mellon Visiting Senior Fellow, November 1 – December 30, 2012
Sources of the Alternative Architecture Movement

Frank Martin
, Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften / Freie Universität Berlin
Scholar in Residence, September 1 – November 9, 2012
Antique Portraits in the Dresden Sculpture Collection: Their Use and Reuse in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

Louisa C. Matthew, Union College, Schenectady
Ailsa Mellon Bruce Visiting Senior Fellow, January 1 – February 29, 2012
Colors and Colorants in Renaissance Venice

Catherine Maumi, École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Grenoble
Paul Mellon Visiting Senior Fellow, June 15 – August 15, 2012
Victor Gruen: A New Architecture for Our Urban Environment

Jennifer Nelson
[Yale University]
Robert H. and Clarice Smith Fellow, 2012 – 2013
Image beyond Likeness: The Chimerism of Early Protestant Visuality

Marden Fitzpatrick Nichols, The Walters Art Museum
A. W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, 2010 – 2011
The Pompeian Revival Style in the United States

Elisabeth Oy-Marra, Institut für Kunstgeschichte, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Ailsa Mellon Bruce Visiting Senior Fellow, June 1 – July 31, 2011
An Annotated Bilingual Edition of Giovan Pietro Bellori's Le vite de’ pittori, scultori et architetti moderni

Ann E. Patnaude [University of Chicago]
Twelve-Month Chester Dale Fellow, 2012 – 2013
Locating Identity: Mixed Inscriptions and Mulitple Media in Greek Art, c. 675 – 336 BCE

Mark Salber Phillips
, Carleton University
Paul Mellon Visiting Senior Fellow, December 3, 2012 – January 31, 2013
Distance and History Painting

Amy Powell, University of California, Irvine
Samuel H. Kress Senior Fellow, 2011 – 2012
The Whitewashed Image: Iconoclasm and Seventeenth-Century Dutch Landscapes

Jennifer Purtle
, University of Toronto
Ailsa Mellon Bruce Senior Fellow, 2011 – 2012
Forms of Cosmpolitanism in the Sino-Mogul City