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Senior Fellows, 2020–2021

A list of former Senior Fellows at the Center and their research projects.


Elena M. Calvillo, University of Richmond
Samuel H. Kress Senior Fellow, fall 2020
Rome in Translation: Cultural Brokerage in Sixteenth-Century Italy

Patrick R. Crowley, Stanford University
Samuel H. Kress Senior Fellow, spring 2021
Roman Portraiture: A Media Archaeology

Madhuri Desai, The Pennsylvania State University
Ailsa Mellon Bruce Senior Fellow
Creating the Mughal Temple: Architecture, Innovation, and Archaism (1590‒1700)

André Dombrowski, University of Pennsylvania
Paul Mellon Senior Fellow
Monet's Minutes: Impressionism and the Industrialization of Time

Byron Ellsworth Hamann, The Ohio State University
William C. Seitz Senior Fellow
A History of Mexico through Histories of "The Conquest": The
Lienzos of Tlaxcala Remade, 1552‒2012

Stuart Lingo, University of Washington
Samuel H. Kress Senior Fellow
Bronzino's Bodies and Mannerism's Masks

Oscar E. Vázquez, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ailsa Mellon Bruce Senior Fellow
Copying the Body: The Practice and Politics of Life Drawing in Latin American Academies of Art, 1780‒1900