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John Cage, Where There Is Where There, 1987, 1989

Where There is Where There is an edition of forty-eight unique prints published in 1987. Two years later, Cage decided that they looked too much like wallpaper, the end papers in a book, or even camouflage. Impressions from the edition that had already been distributed were recalled — the single exception being Where There is Where There 5, on display in the exhibition Yes, No, Maybe. The printers, per Cage’s instructions, then placed “buildings” (dark vertical bars), selected by chance, along the lower edge of each recalled impression and added “urban landscape” to the title, which now reads Where There is Where There / Urban Landscape.

Banner image: Detail, John Cage, Eninka 29, 1986, burned, smoked, and branded gampi mounted to paper, National Gallery of Art, Washington, Gift of Crown Point Press, 1996, © John Cage Trust

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