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Chris Ofili

Numerous changes occurred as Ofili worked on Habio Green. The most radical is a 180-degree shift in the print’s orientation. In the first two working proofs, the androgynous figure’s feet point upward, as if the person were diving into a pool of water. But in working proof 8, the figure, now fleshed out as a woman, is upright, hands raised high as water cascades downward (see slideshow, above). Habio Waterfall is in Trinidad, where Ofili lives.


Chris Ofili working at Crown Point Press, 2009, photograph by Kathan Brown, Courtesy Crown Point Press

Banner image: Detail, Chris Ofili, Habio Green (working proof 3), 2009, color spitbite aquatint, Crown Point Press, © Chris Ofili, Courtesy David Zwirner, New York / London

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